Spring: Tips to maximize on plumbing efficiency!

As we move to warmer weather, plumbing is definitely an area where you can use a little spring cleaning. Halpin Plumbing has put together a check list for you to help find leaks and maintain certain areas of the house so you won’t have to see us as often.

  • Turn back on your hose bibs and make sure the water flows freely. If you notice there is leaking inside your house once you turn them on, you may have had a frozen pipe that cracked and needs replaced.

  • Buy new washers for your garden hoses and nozzles for a good fitting. This will make sure they don’t leak between the attachments and will save you water.

  • Pour a gallon of water into drains that are not often used to avoid odors from entering the house

  • Check for leaks in toilet tanks and bowls, along with exposed pipes under sinks and in the basement. If you are not sure if anything has a leak you can watch your water bill to see if there is a spike in the price, or you can call Halpin Plumbing to come and inspect your house.

  • If your shower head doesn’t have water coming through all openings on the head, it is because of mineral build ups. Fill a plastic bag with vinegar and tie the bag (with a rubber band) around the shower head. Let it soak overnight and then gently clean it with a toothbrush to remove all deposits.

REMINDER: Spring is also known for being a season for buying houses, but most people don’t realize their dream home has plumbing issues until AFTER moving in. Make sure to call a professional Halpin Plumbing to inspect the house before committing.

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