Summer: Tips to keep your plumbing cost low!

The summer is the season of vacation, and we want to help you relax. Make sure to check for these issues to help

avoid any issues in your summer months so you can save your money for a trip to the beach.

  • Check the date of your water heater (the first four digits of the serial number are the month and year). Any water heater over 15 years old often needs replaced.

  • Check your washing machine hose for leaks by turning it on and off while you watch it.

  • Make sure to have a garbage can in your bathroom. Things like cotton swabs, hair, diapers and sanitary products aren’t easily dissolved and will create a clog in your toilet.

  • Check to see if you may have calcium deposits by turning on a faucet in your bathroom and then your bath faucet. If you see a noticeable difference in the water volume there is a good chance you have build ups in your pipes.

REMINDER: Keep Track of your water bill in these months. With washing cars, watering plants, and filling pools, Cincinnati Water Works recognizes this and your sewage rate should stay the same. If it rises make sure to contact Cincinnati Water Works immediately. If there is a spike in you water bill and you suspect there might be a broken pipe, make sure to call Halpin Plumbing immediately.

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